Thunder Solutions


Our Proven Experience

What We've Done

Cosplay Connect Screenshot
Cosplay-Connect is our pet project! It's a web app that serves as social media and e-commerce in one, especially tailored to cosplayers and convention attendees.
Tekko Anime Convention Screenshot
Tekko is Pittsburgh's own anime and Japanese pop culture convention. We take pride in supporting our local community!
Jonathan DeWitt Portfolio Website Screenshot
This designer website serves as a resume and portfolio for Jonathan DeWitt, one of the founders of Thunder Solutions LLC.

Developer Tools

  • Thunder Access - An accessibility library designed to make ADA compliance easy.
  • Thunder State - An agnostic state management library inspired by Vuex.
  • Thunder Events - Schedules, floor plans, and more; A convenient package for managing your program guide.
  • Thunderous - A work-in-progress; A functional, React-inspired library powered by native web components.