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Web Game Development

If you thought we were only good for websites, think again. We can add interactive games to your website or app! Whether you just want to spice things up a little for your users, or you have a full-fledged storyline, we can provide everything you need. Hire us for anything from code all the way down to music, art, and game design.< See what else we offer

HTML5 Canvas

If you were wondering what web developers are using since Flash became unsupported, we have the answer. It's HTML5 Canvas! With all the power of Flash but none of the performance issues, the sky is the limit. Canvas is a technology that's here to stay for decades to come, and it will only get better with time. In fact, combined with the power of web apps, you can even use Canvas to develop mobile games. After all, everyone's favorite "Angry Birds" was developed using Canvas.< See what else we offer