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A Portfolio Entry

Tekko Anime Convention Screenshot
Tekko is Pittsburgh's own anime and Japanese pop culture convention. We take pride in supporting our local community!

What We Did

This site previously existed as a simple WordPress website with a page-builder plugin. For years, the organization was plagued by various issues and glitches that prevented the website from being updated efficiently. Our work on this website not only drastically improved speed issues, but also the long-standing content management problems the team had been fighting.< See what else we've done

The Design

The final product delivered a top-notch mobile-responsive design that's been praised by Tekko attendees since its launch in 2018. Every decision was centered around an industrial and technological concept, with angular corners, circuit boards, and gears. Unleashing our creativity, we added bay doors in the transition animations, parallax scrolling effects, and even illustrated Tekko's mascot, Tekkobot. Everything was lovingly crafted in the spirit of anime in the steel city, and the general creativity of the attendees.< See what else we've done

The Technology

This website was built in the Vue framework, Nuxt. Since content-management was a top concern, we integrated with a headless CMS, Storyblok, to avoid accidental issues caused by poorly generated code. For state management, we used Vuex, which helped keep tabs on globally important information, like the current event date. In fact, we built a lot of features around automatic content updates which depend on the event dates as they relate to today's date. CI/CD on Azure's app platform enables quick and easy updates to the website's code.< See what else we've done