Thunder Solutions

Jonathan DeWitt

A Portfolio Entry

Jonathan DeWitt Portfolio Website Screenshot
This designer website serves as a resume and portfolio for Jonathan DeWitt, one of the founders of Thunder Solutions LLC.

What We Did

This site was intended to present Jon's personality and interests as well as his technical and creative skillset. Hence, it was important to not only implement features to make managing his resume and portfolio easy, but also to write blog posts and keep his introductory content up to date.< See what else we've done

The Design

The overall theme plays to Jon's curiosity and fascination with the cosmos and his passion for night life in the city. Fonts were carefully chosen as both decorative and legible, and the gloves came off for the creative implementations of various visual effects. As you scroll from top to bottom on the home page, you'll notice a lot of engaging animations and transitions, including a parallax scrolling effect in the background. On the internal pages, the content itself takes priority, so the effects are limited to reduce distracting visual noise, yet the integrity of the overall design and approach remains intact.< See what else we've done

The Technology

This project was built in the Vue framework, Nuxt. This enabled isomorphic templates that could be rendered either server-side for direct links, or client-side for speed optimization. For content management, it was integrated with the headless CMS, StoryBlok. CI/CD allows this project to be deployed instantly and painlessly, without worrying about downtime or accidental build issues.< See what else we've done