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A Portfolio Entry

Cosplay Connect Screenshot
Cosplay-Connect is our pet project! It's a web app that serves as social media and e-commerce in one, especially tailored to cosplayers and convention attendees.

What We Did

We threw the kitchen sink at this one. Every feature you can think up has been crammed into this fast and powerful application. Secure authentication, push and email notifications, private messaging, file uploads, product listings and payment processing, built-in support tickets, and so much more.< See what else we've done

The Design

The logo's chain link design was inspired by the concept of the app: connection! Using the two C's and the hyphen from the wordmark, we combined the letters to create an entirely new image. We even took the branding a step further and transformed the colors and concept into our illustration of the Cosplay-Connect mascot, Coco-chan. We also modeled all the primary buttons after the logo. And, the fact that we always design an alternative version of the logo for presenting it on darker backgrounds made it easy to come up with a color theme for a dark mode within the app. This project serves as a great example of how a uniform and cohesive design can make your brand name memorable and instantly recognizable.< See what else we've done

The Technology

To build this PWA, we used the MERN stack with some extras too. That is, Mongo, Express, React, and Node. The majority of that stack was already covered by the React framework, Next, so that made it easy to stack more tech on top, including Mongoose, Apollo GraphQL, and Docker. Using the latest in CI/CD tools, we seamlessly integrated github branches with live environments, allowing for automatic blue/green zero-downtime deployments. Even now, we're improving the underlying software by satisfying Google's automated auditing tools and optimizing speed wherever we can.< See what else we've done